Plumbers Leak Detector Simplifies The Job To Identify Underground Leakages For Repair Works

It is not easy to find leaks in the underground pipes as they are not visible but at the same time cannot be neglected which otherwise may turn out into a major problem. To trace and identify such leakages the plumbers leak detector is now available that can easily detect water leakages underground using the acoustic sensor spectrum. Utilicom is one online store brining you a variety of quality equipment for detecting, locating and inspecting both the underground and above ground assets with the help of these latest technology equipment. It brings all such products onto a single platform that are sourced from across the globe to make them available for the customer requirements. There are many different models available in the plumbers leak detector that are quite effective in finding out leakages both underground and above the ground water and sewer pipes. The acoustic water detector comes with an ability for you to set the frequency minimum background noise and also storage of up to 31 signal levels with a graphical display. The graphical visualization records the measurements, maximum and minimum signal levels to find the depth of water leakage in the underground pipes. The device comes with intuitive control system and a bandwidth choice along with a projection from acoustic noise. You can also find other models in this plumbers leak detector like the water leak detector ECO 100, ECO 200 and also metal and non-metal pipeline locator along with water leak detection feature that can search for leaks in underground pipes using the acoustic sensor, preamplifier, high sensitivity Piezoelectric sensor etc making it easy for the plumbers to detect leaks and initiate their repair works.

Water Bore Inspection Camera

Similarly, the company also offer products like hot sticks that are generally used by the electric utility workers as a protection from electric shocks when working on highly energised voltage live electric power lines. The hot sticks are insulated poles that can prevent electric shocks and are used in different conditions to find one that best suits to your needs. It is not just these products but Utilicom also brings you a range of pipe & cable locators, sondes & trackers, CCTV pipe inspection, fibre glass rods, borescopes, borehole cameras, thermal image cameras, pit inspection camera, smoke tester for sewer, cable height meters, microwave leak detector and many more in the best quality and price assuring customers a one stop platform for all types detecting, locating and inspection equipment.


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