Find Best Underground Service Locator From Utilicom To Detect And Trace The Underground Assets Using Latest Technology

Identifying underground services is very important as it can be a complex web of pipes, cables, ducts or chambers that should be considered before taking up a new project so that the danger of cutting off these valuable underground assets can be avoided. Utilicom brings you some of the best quality equipment that helps in locating the underground assets without any hassles. They offer these products that come with latest technology and sourced from across the globe onto a single platform so that it becomes easy for you to choose one best suitable for your needs. Utilicom offers a range of pipes and cable underground service locator that suits for all jobs and budgets of the customers. To detect pipes and cables underground in a depth up to 10 meters you can check out with AG-309.15N locator     that comes with 20 watt powerful transmitter and an advanced graphical LCD display that supports on screen automatic depth reading through using active and passive frequencies. This equipment can also detect energized 50 Hz power lines with just the receiver that includes a transmitter, ground stake, connecting cables, receiver and instructions. The other tools that come along with this product is the induction clamps.

Flexible Borescope

You can also find the underground service locator with built in GPS/GLONASS module that helps to locate the position of the utilities through satellite connection and the data can be uploaded to your PC. It is also possible to align the received data with the Google maps to pinpoint the exact location of the underground assets. This makes utility mapping quite simple just like painted marks on the ground. The Prototek LF 2200 underground service locator is also one best equipment that is suitable for different applications. This can be used for Sonde locating at 16 Hz that is ductile iron and at 512 Hz cast iron and non-metallic while at 8 KHz it is possible to identify non-metallic only. This equipment can easily identify the frequency of any line exciter or Sonde and locks the position from 16 Hz to 100 KHz. This can also detect 50/60 Hz energised power lines and can also handle vibrates for the heads up locating.

Water Leak Locator

All these products are very much helpful either for civil, industrial, farm or residential projects in detecting and identifying the underground assets without any hassles. Utilicom offer the underground service locator in the best quality and along with manufacturer’s warranty in the best price compared to the competitors.


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